The focus of the Literacy block is to help students speak, read, write, listen and communicate effectively. As a middle school, we also strive for students to demonstrate responsibility, group skills, decision making and problem solving. The following are content descriptions and a preview of the areas we will continuously work on.


We will focus on several different areas of writing; parts of speech and how sentences are put together, rules for capitalization and punctuation, the 6+1 traits of writing, as well as creating several different pieces of writing (poetry, persuasive, informative, narrative, and creative pieces). The students will be required to hand-write some assignments and use their computer to type others. We will do most of our work on google drive, using the student email account.

Vocabulary Word Work

Vocabulary will focus in two areas: Prefixes/suffixes and Greek & Latin Roots. The goal is to introduce, reinforce and provide practice with the affixes and basic roots. Current research suggests that morphological awareness (the ability to identify meaningful parts of words) is the strongest, consistent predictor of success for reading comprehension, reading vocabulary, and spelling.


We will focus on several different genres of reading; nonfiction, fiction, poetry, historical fiction, fantasy, and the skills needed to comprehend each. We will read sections from the textbook as well as novels, in a variety of settings (whole group, small group, partners, and individual). We will also cover many different reading strategies to assist with reading comprehension.

In this course we will focus on reading fluency and comprehension while adding to your vocabulary. You will be expected to read independently throughout the semester and give accounts of what you have read in a variety of ways. We will create student folders and vocabulary boxes together in class to help you succeed in building a solid foundation!